I am so guilty of clutter. I’m definitely one of those people that relies on the ‘but what if I need it in the future’ excuse. But what if you could commit to de-cluttering just 10 minutes a day or week to create a peaceful, organized environment? It is possible! Clutter is stressful and counter-productive to achieving a more simplified and minimal way of life. Unfortunately the process of de-cluttering can become overwhelming to the point of giving up.

5 simple and easy tricks to cut down on clutter fast!

But don’t give up, which leads me to my first tip:

1. Pick One Small Area to Tackle at a Time

Instead of trying to sort through your entire closet or kitchen cabinets at once, break the area up. Pick 1 drawer, type of clothing, cabinet etc. and focus on that. This will keep it from becoming a complete disaster zone and will feel much more manageable. You’ll be able to finish it quickly and this will inspire you to tackle a new area each day!

2. Ask Your Significant Other or a Friend to Help

What’s better than 1 pair of hands when sorting through crap? 2 pairs of course! Not only will this (in theory) cut your time in half, but it will be more productive and probably more fun. Unless you working on an area the other person doesn’t want to see de-cluttered. (For me, it’s my magazine collection. For him, his clothes. We’re both working on easing into those areas.)

3. Make a list

Before you start, make a quick list of what you actually need before you begin. This will help you edit with a more critical eye and also make you more aware of things you’re keeping ‘just because’. Also, try not to confuse a need with a want. I know its hard…but just try.

4. Get Rid of Duplicates

This seems so obvious, but it’s gross how many duplicates we have and hold on to. I know for a fact we currently have four pairs of scissors in our utility drawer (also, commonly referred to as a ‘junk drawer’ which once we tackle the kitchen we will not have!) but, FOUR! I’m pretty sure we can survive with just one pair of scissors. We will pick the best, highest-quality pair and keep just those. So the other pairs unfortunately won’t be making the cut. *Pun totally intended.

5. Buy organizers, labels and give everything a home

This might be a bit of an OCD habit, but I believe it’s a productive one and definitely keeps things from getting messy & cluttered. I’ve found when I’m able to make a designated home for things, they always end up there. But for the things that don’t, they end up having a ‘float around the apartment party’. After I bought some organizers and trays for my makeup, it always (always means 94% of the time) ends back up in their designated spaces instead of being left out on the counter. Same with our fridge. We have little bins for different things to go in and it makes everything much easier! Also saves you time when cleaning when you know exactly where it goes!