Last week I got incredibly sick. My WebMD diagnosis is that I had walking pneumonia. On top of feeling like death, the week was… of course, packed full of meetings, photoshoots and obligations that I simply couldn’t bail on. I just didn’t have ‘time’ to be sick. It was chaotic, busy and frustrating. I would come home everyday absolutely wiped out. Only to barely sleep and then do it all again.
My body ached.
I was coughing and hacking up a storm.
Nights were rough.
I was constantly apologizing to clients and people on the other end of the line as I sniffled and coughed through meetings.
My brain hurt.

By Friday I finally felt like I was on the up, which meant back to work. Physically I was back on track. Except I couldn’t get any work done.
My mind was a mess.

Overcoming 'A Messy Mind' via Lauren Jade Lately Minimalist lifestyle blogAll week I had been functioning on Dayquil and Vicks, pushing my body and brain to the max. Everyday I came home feeling as though I had accomplished nothing because I was in such a fog. (when in reality, me and my business partners had accomplished a great deal) But once I had time to actually relax and embrace the fact the week was done and I could finally get some rest, I couldn’t.

My mind begged for me to keep going. I was confused and frustrated, which got me a little depressed. Why did I feel so unaccomplished when logically I knew: I had indeed accomplished a lot? My messy mind was becoming my mortal enemy and I was determined to beat it.
Long story short: I lost.
So I gave in. I took an entire day and simply did nothing.

A few things I did do though:
– I acknowledged the fact I had been sick and subsequently cut myself some slack.
РI took pride in everything I was able to accomplish.
– I reminded myself I needed to take care of myself.
– I focused on all the positive things that had happened throughout the week.
– I looked ahead and let myself get excited for the week ahead.
– I got a short, but effective workout in.
– I poured a glass of wine, grabbed some popcorn and sank into the couch for an evening of nothingness.

Productivity Hack: Sometimes You Need To Simply Do Nothing via Lauren Jade Lately
The result?
Monday morning I had what I had been desperately searching for:

From time to time I think¬†we take for granted how much our physical wellness affects our mental wellness. If we don’t eat well, exercise, get enough sleep and generally take care of our bodies; our minds really begin to suffer. And sometimes it’s not even we should be doing more of, but rather, that maybe we should just be doing more nothing. Give our bodies and minds time to recharge.