Ok…it wasn’t as much a ‘demolition’ as much as a ‘gentle removal’. But it was still thrilling. We spent the first few real hours bonding with Duke by violating him. Our remodel to-do list is pretty extensive and we needed a blank slate to work with. All the ridiculous valances and excessive overhead cabinetry were first on the chopping block.

A cabinet, IMO, is where junk just goes to die. There is so much crap hiding in cabinets, what percentage of it do we actually ever use? It also greatly reduced the overall space in the trailer and we wanted to keep it open and roomy. This couple is selling (almost) everything they own and moving into a 29' travel trailer! #TinyHouseMovement #Minimalism

We tackled the biggest one first and it definitely didn’t want to leave. But after a bit of jiggling and wiggling we got it free. Buh bye ya old beast!

This couple is selling (almost) everything they own and moving into a 29' travel trailer! #TinyHouseMovement #Minimalism

So how do you remove cabinetry from a travel trailer? It was only a little bit more tricky than we thought it would be. On first inspection it looked as though they were simply screwed into the wall with the cheap plastic lights working off battery. But us remodel rookies quickly discovered they were all hardwired in. Grhh. I HIGHLY recommend investing in a cordless power drill, like this one. (shout out to Ryobi!) So we first removed all the light fixtures from under the cabinets and then had to pull up the bottom of the cabinet to expose all the wiring. This was the only tricky part, prying up the base of the cabinet.

This couple is selling (almost) everything they own and moving into a 29' travel trailer! #TinyHouseMovement #Minimalism

We also removed every blind and window valance. I already think it looks way better.

This couple is selling (almost) everything they own and moving into a 29' travel trailer! #TinyHouseMovement #Minimalism

Funny side note story alert: Jason put his new gloves on and quickly announced, “ahhh…feel like I’m back in my old receiver days!” Me: “Babe…those are gardening gloves, sorry to burst your bubble but we’re straight bed bath and beyond people now.”

Also, please note that bead of sweat. There is no power to the trailer so translates to NO A/C. (I know..we’re 100% nuts) But now we have a blank canvas (my favorite!) to work with! Although we weren’t able to repurpose much (we donated all the intact pieces and chairs to Goodwill) we WILL be repurposing the base wood from the dinette and foam pads to create a custom bay window bench situation below that large window at the back of the trailer.

This couple is selling (almost) everything they own and moving into a 29' travel trailer! #TinyHouseMovement #Minimalism

This will provide us with a very useful storage solution and tons of additional seating. (I can’t tell you how excited I am to snuggle up in that giant bay window with a cup of coffee and a good book!)

This couple is selling (almost) everything they own and moving into a 29' travel trailer! #TinyHouseMovement #Minimalism

Overall the first day of this remodel went really smooth. There weren’t any big issues (although, we haven’t gotten into laying new floors or ripping out the shower yet….sooo.) 

Some of the main projects we’re going to be tackling before we move in: (any wisdom, insight, advice would be much appreciated!) 

  • Painting all the walls and cabinetry
  • Replacing the kitchen countertop (if anyone has any good suggestions on a good-looking lightweight solution PLEASE message me!)
  • Installing a new kitchen sink: this one….*swoon!
  • Replacing the bathroom door with something a bit more hefty
  • Installing better closet organization for pop-out closet
  • Installing a new shower and sink (we’re hoping to pretty much remodel the whole bathroom but this is a pretty lofty goal with our timeline.)
  • Install new flooring throughout. (we’re looking into Marmoleum or this cork plank flooring)
  • Install the custom bay window seat/storage solution

I’m sure I’ve forgotten things, but those are the major projects we want to accomplish before the move-in date. The rest will be a work in progress as we adjust to our new tiny living situation. It’s still a little surreal that we are actually doing this. I think it won’t feel ‘real’ until we spend our first night in it. This is going to be our life, it is both terrifying and exciting. We’re so SO ready to purge and sell all of our shit. It’s funny how quickly you adjust to your living situations. We have already removed so, so many items from our current apartment and we both catch ourselves complaining about ‘how cluttered’ it feels. Bananas right? But I love that feeling, it’s almost addictive.

I’ll be posting all of our big ticket items to a private Instagram account so people can start buying stuff before our big yard sale. If you want to be invited, message me. I’ll be emailing the important people. It will be first come, first serve.

And…. ***Austinites!! We are going be hosting a HUGE essentially living estate sale on Saturday, July 25th 7am. Location TBA, but there WILL be mimosas and donuts…’donut you worry!’ So save the date, put your shopping pants on and come sip & shop! Literally 90% of everything we own will be for sale…racks and racks of clothes, furniture, decor, electronics…you get the picture. Be sure to subscribe to the blog mailing list by clicking below so you don’t miss the invite. (yes…of COURSE I’m sending out formal invitations to a garage sale) sign up newsletter