A few weeks ago I was fed up. With myself and this blog. Like, I serrrriously almost quit. It just wasn’t what I wanted it to be. So I asked you for help.

And boy did you deliver! I honestly thought maybe 2-3 people would respond. (my mom obviously being one of them) But! I received WAY more responses and insightful feedback than I ever thought I would. Not that I underestimated how awesome you all were but simply who feels like filling out ‘another’ survey these days? I did my best to keep it short and sweet. . . like a dachshund wearing a hotdog costume.
In the spirit of transparency and curiosity, I figured I’d share the results of the survey. You may have also noticed some pretty drastic changes to the site. After I had some time to digest the feedback, I knew I needed to make some improvements to the site. I’m hoping that you will appreciate the clean up I’ve done and in terms of content, here’s a screenshot of my survey results:
Lauren Jade Lately Minimalist Tiny House Blog
The content results speak for the themselves and over 40% of you said you’d appreciate more freebies, downloads and useful content. This is something I’ve been wanting to execute for a long time but just haven’t gotten my butt in gear. This is going to change. I have so many half-written drafts and ideas scratched into my notebook that I want to share that I’m about to explode. I actually have my first mini (and free) e-guide to simplifying/downsizing about 90% done! [Woot Woot!!] So if you’re not already signed up for my newsletter and are interested in getting more (but not too much more) from yours truly… I suggest you take a second and join the party.

Probably my absolute favorite part of this survey was reading your lovely, critical and brutally honest comments. I seriously got giddy every time a new one came in and I didn’t get trolled! I can’t believe it. They were all useful and I took something away from each and every one. So big shout out to all of you (and you know who you are) who went the extra mile! Seriously, I bow down. Here are just a few of my fav’s:

“Would love to see your wardrobe/closet and what you kept, and really all areas of your place that you thought were worth keeping and what wasn’t! Love the work sheet you did before for closets!” – Anonymous at 1/10/2016 12:03 PM

Your wish is my command! I actually have a few closet posts sitting waiting patiently in that pile of messy drafts I was talking about.

“I LOVE your style/aesthetic! Keep posting great pictures and creating art!!! Your lifestyle (tiny house and entrepreneur) is so encouraging and simply fascinating! I really enjoy when you share what is going on in your life and things you have learned/encountered. I’d love to know more about things you love: shopping and eating spots, outdoor activities, self development recommendations. I would also like to know more about what it took to get your print shop going: finding a print shop, materials, shipping, etc. At what points in your business do you ask for help? Business coach, accountant, lawyer, etc. I’ve noticed that sometimes you post with a clearly annoyed or defensive tone. It may be frustrating addressing certain topics. Perhaps there is a better way to communicate that without the reader feeling like you are directing that frustration at them personally.” -Anonymous at 1/8/2016 3:00 PM

 YES! I’m so happy you brought this up. I’ve always struggled with how to convey my sarcastic, dry humor without coming across like a total asshole. I think Gary Vee does a great job at it. So I’ll continue practicing! Thank you for the gentle reminder.

“I don’t mind some dry, drunk humor! Would love seeing every little corner of organization in your tiny house, hear about daily routines while living tiny, etc. monthly tiny living costs would be cool to try to inspire others, too. I kind of want to go tiny too!”-Anonymous at 1/6/2016 11:41 PM

Well now you’re opening up a whole can of worms… JK! I wouldn’t say my daily routine is super fascinating, but I can give it a shot! I have been implementing some pretty cool scheduling and working techniques while living in a tiny home. It’s going to get really interesting when I turn the local laundromat into a co-working space! ;)

I wish I could share / respond to them all, but all I can really say is. . .


THANK YOU From Lauren Jade Lately


I’m planning a lot of great new content, including a home tour of our tiny space (I just haven’t decided if I should use Periscope, Facebook Live feed or Snapchat yet. orrr put together a proper proper video.) If you have a preference or suggestion please let me know in a comment below!!