Now that another SXSW has come and gone, it’s time to pull my life back together. And with summer just around the corner, it’s time to start getting the body bikini ready! So today I’m sharing my favorite and best detox remedies to help get the mind, body and soul back on track.  I took a quick break from the blog last week to deal with some personal things that took a toll on me mentally and eventually physically. It’s amazing how quickly emotional stress can physically affect the body. Add this to on top of the marathon of SXSW; 10 days of drinking, walking around and general shenanigans. It’s safe to say some serious TLC is in order. We all need to detox from time to time. So I have broken down my favorite detox remedies into 3 categories: Mind, Body and Soul.

my 5 favorite detox remedies | Lauren Jade Lately Mind

Develop a Mantra– When I’m having trouble getting back on track I develop a mantra. I write it down, repeat it and use it whenever I need. It helps settle my brain and keep me focused. It can be as short as simply a word or a phrase. Mine is currently, “All will be well”. It just calms me down.

Do Some Yoga or Meditate- I am not big on meditating. My ADHD does not allow for prolonged sessions of inner mindfulness coupled with no movement. But I will take little mini meditation sessions for a minute or two. I also love me some yoga. With yoga you can take your mind to a selfish place where you can simply focus on your breathing and body.

Read Your Favorite Book- Sometimes when I need to hit the restart mentally I’ll just grab my favorite book. It’s a great way to let your mind go and transport yourself to a different world. Sometimes it’s good to just escape.

Make a List- Whenever I’m feeling stressed or drained, I’ll make a list of whats stressing me out. When I see it on paper I am able to rationalize it and accept it doesn’t warrant any additional stress.


Have a Spa Day At Home- I LOVE indulging in face masks. I probably do at least 2-3 a week, but when things get crazy I can forget. I’m big on making my own and you can find tons of great recipes online. I’m a huge fan of The Wellness Mama and all her great remedies. While I have my mask on, I’ll dry brush the rest of my body and finish with a nice soak in the bath with some Frankincense Bath Salts.

Proper Nutrition- So important. Nothing breaks down a body faster than forgetting to fuel your engine properly. On a detox day my meals look like this:

Pre-Breakfast: A glass of lemon water with collagen pills (these are the ones I take) and Astaxanthin-a powerful antioxidant (I take this one)

Breakfast: Greek yogurt with fresh fruit and a small drizzle of local organic honey

Lunch: Kale Salad and a small peanut butter protein smoothie or green smoothie (I love this Kale Salad recipe from Whole Foods, in fact, I made it today!)

Snack: Hummus with Carrots

Dinner: Grilled Seasoned Salmon with sautéed asparagus and mushrooms with balsamic

Dessert: 3 squares of dark chocolate

I also try to stay really diligent about my water intake. It can be hard if you’re sitting at a desk all day so I always have a glass or aluminum water bottle with me. I have my eye on this Lifefactory Glass Bottle from Whole Foods right now.

amazing kale salad recipe

 Exercise-Get moving! It doesn’t matter how you do it as long as you’re not sitting around! I love being outside and get my exercise in my walking the dogs, going to the lake or grabbing a friend for an outdoor workout.


Indulge in Your Passion– Whatever it might be, allow yourself to spend 30 minutes a day doing it. Don’t allow yourself to say, ‘I don’t have time’ or ‘It’s not important enough’. If it makes you feel good and you love doing it, it IS important.

Laugh- We all laugh at different things and have those things that just make us smile. My dogs make me laugh every single day. One is just super stinkin’ cute and the other farts…a lot. And that makes me laugh. Figure out what makes you laugh/smile and seek that out.

Apologize To Yourself, Accept it and Move On– I get mad at myself when I feel like I’m not treating myself right. After a week of punishment and consciously poisoning myself with alcohol and bad food; I’m having to apologize to myself. I can’t dwell on it. Now I just have to focus on putting good in to get good out.

Get Good, Peaceful Sleep– I think this could go under every category, but there is nothing more restorative and refreshing than an amazing night’s sleep. Wash your sheets, make your bed in the AM then make sure your room is clean and distraction free for when you finally hit the hay. I leave my cell phone in the living room now and only keep a book by my bed. Allow yourself to just completely relax.

I don’t believe that the best detox remedies can simply be prescribed. Everyone is different and what might work for some people might not work for others. This is just what works for me. A lot of my detox is more mental. My anxiety can get out of control when I lose routine or am not able to keep other areas of my life in balance. But these are the best detox remedies that have helped me so I hope you’ll give them a try and see if they help you too!