black-wall-inspirationMy Design Inspiration via The Decorista 

We finally got into decorating mode to work on sprucing up our bedroom this week. We decided on a black wall, but I also wanted to change up the vintage mirrors my mom gifted me a few years ago. I wanted to mimic some of the design elements from the image above, so I thought some gold-leaf would do the trick.

mirror-suppliesGold-leaf is fairly inexpensive (I use this one), I already had the ModPodge and white paint. This is a super affordable DIY if you already have a frame in the right color, all you need is the gold-leaf! I wanted to paint mine, so the prep step is just if you find an old mirror that you need to paint! I also wanted to include a pic of this step because Chloe wanted to make a little cameo! (She’s loves a good craft project, not too helpful though.)mirrors-prepLook at her! She just wants to be a star.


After I finished the way-too-long process of painting these bad boys, I started creating my weather gold-leaf mirrors. I wanted to do a random/flecked/distressed look. So I just went for it.

How to Gold-Leaf Mirrors | via Lauren Jade LatelyI first added a thin layer of ModPodge, let it get a little tacky and got my piece of gold-leaf ready. This was the hard part as it’s incredibly thin. I laid each piece down then using my brush, went over it again with a little more ModPodge. This seals the gold-leaf and added a glossy look. I then used the bristles to break apart pieces of the leaf to give it a distressed look. gold-leaf

I finished the first mirror and was happy with the results, but I didn’t achieve exactly the same effect on the second mirror. And while most wouldn’t be able to tell, it’s driving me crazy. So I think I’m eventually going to gold leaf them entirely…(saving that for a rainy day.) But here was the final result…


The finished product against the black bedroom wall.


After hanging them, I achieved the look I wanted. But eventually I definitely want to gold leaf the entire thing to really contrast with the black wall. And going to finish styling the side tables and adding some more frames on the wall around the skull.

Have you ever experimented with gold leaf? 


*I originally blogged this back on my old blog Make it a Double. I still have plans to entirely gold-leaf them! (Maybe)