Whenever we first mention to people we live in a trailer, people are first a bit shocked (I might go as far as to say confused?)… then totally intrigued. I actually have to catch myself sometimes, picking and choosing when to tell people so I don’t get bombarded with questions or take away focus. Especially during business meetings or client briefs when I need to focus to be on them. (Not to say I don’t love a good bit of attention…but I digress.) It’s pretty funny though, because honestly it really doesn’t feel too much different than living in an apartment, house or condo.

Ok, I’m kidding. Of course it feels a bit different, but not for the reasons you may think. And really not to the severity I think people envision when I tell them we live in 220 sq.ft.

So, what is full-time RV living really like? Well, for starters we have to be much more conscious about our consumption of essentially everything. We just simply don’t buy nearly as many things as we used to. We’re much more aware of how much power and electricity we’re using. Our lights run off a battery, but pretty much everything else is off electric we’re working with just 30 amps. So if I blow dry my hair, the electric water heater and AC must be turned off first so I don’t trip the breaker. Yea, at times it can be a bit annoying, but overall I appreciate that it makes me think twice about leaving lights on or the tv playing all day.
Full Time RV Living via Lauren Jade Lately Minimalism Simple Living Blog
Our water tanks fill up so we have to be aware of when to empty them. A big complaint most rv’ers or tiny housers have is the water heater can only heat so much water at a time (If you can’t live in a world without long showers, they tiny lifestyle may not be for you, Sorry.) I have never been a long shower person, so this really wasn’t a big deal for me. Also, if I’m really dying for a longer shower I could go to my parents, a spa, gym or any number of my friends house.

Our stove top is small. A two burner. Our fridge is small. 33 cubic ft. But we’re not chefs, we don’t need some crazy fancy stove. Any more food in the fridge and it’d just go bad. Cooking at the same time is hard. Not impossible…but we definitely try to prepare meals at different times. So we don’t eat dinner together as much as I’d like. But it’s not the end of the world. Honestly, we’re barely home enough to warrant a kitchen at all. (A big reason we moved to tiny!) We did invest in the Breville Convention Oven which has been great substitute for a toaster, oven and microwave all-in-one. Full Time RV Living via Lauren Jade Lately Minimalism Simple Living Blog
We don’t have our own spaces. But we’ve been living together for 4 years, I think we’re past ‘own spaces’. We’re out of the trailer so much that when we come home we’re either crashing on the couch or sleeping. Yea, I work from home some days, but Jason will be gone or vice versa. We don’t have normal jobs and that makes for a much more flexible schedule at home. And it’s not as if we’re having to walk around scrunched over or crawl to get in bed. When we’re both getting ready for an event or to leave at the same time the small bathroom can get a bit tight. It can become a bit of a dance, but still…not the end of the world, just an adjustment.
What we’re doing is nothing new. By any stretch of the imagination. It’s not revolutionary. People have been living the full-time RV / tiny house life for years. Check out the Roads Less Traveled couple. They’ve been RVing and boating (yes…boating!) since 2007. Or browse this great list of full-time RVers from Technomadia.
But yet, I think we’ve finally hit that tipping point of senseless consumerism/digital consumption/stress that is causing people to really evaluate the quality of their lives. If you missed my recent blog post about if this tiny house movement is just a trend, I’d highly suggest it. I guess what is interesting is that we’re so young. But I’m also meeting so many other young people doing exactly what we’re doing. It’s fascinating.

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