#dalmatianwall diy via makeitadoubleblogI’m so excited to share my dalmatian print wall with you all! First, a warning…this really isn’t a How-To post, it’s more of a How-Not-to. But I wanted to share the project to save you from all the some what comical failure I experienced. Thankfully I achieved the look I wanted, just not in the way I thought. Ok, so, with out further ado…here is the before…thebeforedalmatianwallEwe. Every wall in our apartment was this creepy beige color. It’s not a pretty neutral beige, it’s more of a indecisive blend of tan/cream/ivory.

Not cute. So it had to go. We painted the three dining room walls Whisper White from the Behr Ultra Home Decorators Collection. During the white selection process J found out that there are in fact many many shades of white. It was pretty hilarious I didn’t take a picture of this step. BUT, I will say definitely opt for the paint+primer. Saves a ton of time & money, just be sure to buy a little extra than you think you’ll need because you do go through it fast. So, while the white was drying I made a dalmatian print stencil…

I TRIED to make a stencil.dal-wall-1It looks like it would work. Maybe I was doing something wrong, I don’t know. I consider myself pretty crafty but for some reason me and the Xacto knife were at war. I could not cut these damn spots out. It was a


Also, after more research I didn’t even like the spots I had drawn. There are so many different variations of this print. (who knew?!) I think in the future I would print out the type of spots to trace, if I were to even attempt to make another dalmatian wall. (which won’t happen) dal-wall-2Just kidding, I didn’t count the spots, I’m not crazy. OR maybe I am, because I figured that just going at it with a paintbrush was going to be faster than continuing to fail miserably with that ridiculous stencil. So I started in the corner and made the mistake of not stepping back to take a peek at what I was doing. I made the spots WAY too big in the beginning, think more cow than dalmatian. So then I tried a different technique. I did more brushstroke-y (thats a technical art term y’all) spots and it went a lot faster. I really don’t think there is a single good way to do this. It’s literally just spots. So whatever type of spot floats your boat…that’ll work! Here is what the finished wall looked like…after-wallI am eventually going to go back and redo the cow-spots and too-close-together spots, but for now I can’t even think about painting more. I love how it turned out though. It’s fun different and only cost me about $30 (for the paint) for the black paint I used Blackout from Behr Ultra as well. I just got a sample pot ($2) and it was more than enough. Any acrylic paint would also work I’m sure.

Now…if you want to save time, but not money…you can buy this awesome wallpaper from Furbish Studio. Or if you want to catch how to properly make a stencil check out Chrissann of Ducklings in a Row tutorial.  Or add some fun spots in a less permanent way:


I actually had a little bit of fun doing this, it is just something different. Luckily the wall wasn’t too big or I would have been screwed.

What do you think of my custom paint job? Anyone have any good stencil resources out there? Have you tried a interesting/fun wall treatment? if so, please share (include links! I want to see)