Last week we officially picked up #DukeTheTravelTrailer! He (we’re having a bit of an issue currently with gender assignment. Jason keeps referring to it as a ‘she’ even though we’ve  I have already named it Duke. It’s quite the Caitlyn Jenner situation) is a 2012 Jayco Flight 33′ Travel Trailer. It was a rather chaotic adventure which I will expand upon in a future post. But today I just wanted to give everyone a sneak peek inside our future home! Keep in mind these are most definitely, 10000000% the BEFORE photos!This couple is remodeling a travel trailer to work/live while traveling the country! | via Lauren Jade Lately Blog #TinyLiving #Minimalism
Starting tomorrow we’ll be ripping almost everything out to begin remodeling this guy to transform him from an ugly duckling into a handsome swan. So without further ado….I’d like to introduce Duke! Feel free to stay awhile and take a look around (he’s not easy on the eyes quite yet, but he will be once we’re done with him!)Introducing Duke The Travel Trailer. A Couple Remodeling a Travel Trailer to Design a Life They Love!


So….what do you guys think?! This is the first step in our tiny house/container house journey and we are SO pumped up!