The ability to let things go and focus on the good instead of the bad: positive vibes. It can be easy to get swept up into the everyday stresses or from the inevitable curve balls of life.

We’re all capable of training our brains to believe what we want. The power of thought is incredible. I personally have dedicated a lot of time towards developing better coping skills when it comes to stress and anxiety – something that required me to shift my focus from ‘poor me’ to ‘yay me!’ I began approaching difficult situations with a more relaxed and compassionate viewpoint. It has caused my entire energy to shift towards a generally more positive state, which in turn has put me in a more consistent state of happiness. Sure I still struggle sometimes and it’s not always easy, but I can recover and bounce back more quickly.

There’s a lot of negative people in the world and people looking to bring you down to their level, but they’ll never win. Especially if you focus on also exuding and promoting positive vibes. We have a very short time on earth to impact the people in our lives, so why not make it the most positive and productive impact possible? 

Everyday when you wake up you have a pretty simple decision – Am I Going To Be a Good and Positive Person Today?

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