Remodeling an RV can be really tricky when it comes down to the details. Everything is magnified because you’re in such smaller quarters. Also, when choosing RV kitchen upgrades you must take into consideration weight distribution, heat, electricity and water supplies. You also need to think through how you will be utilizing your kitchen space. We all have unique needs when it comes to our kitchens. Our kitchen remodel went pretty smoothly and I’m excited to share all the details with you! Simple and Affordable RV Kitchen Upgrades via Lauren Jade Lately

The vision for our kitchen was pretty clear from the get go. We knew we wanted a large, deep sink since we wouldn’t have a dishwasher. Being so busy, we’re not home much and don’t cook too often which meant we don’t need a large cook top or oven. Those were the primary issues we needed to address. The first major upgrade we made was painting all the cabinets a clean, crisp white. If you saw the before photos, you could understand why. We used a premium cabinet paint and it has held up amazingly so far.

Simple And Affordable RV Kitchen Upgrades via Lauren Jade Lately-1One fun and super affordable way to easily update your RV kitchen is to swap out the knobs. When you enter the front door to ours of the first things you see are these two large kitchen drawers. Anthropologie always has the most interesting knobs and I fell in love with these ones instantly.

Simple and Affordable RV Kitchen Upgrades via Lauren Jade Lately

Simple And Affordable RV Kitchen Upgrades via Lauren Jade Lately

Once we had tackled the tedious task of painting (which took way long than I would have liked) we enlisted the help of the parents to help us replace the stove, sink and countertop. For the countertop we found a large calacatta marble laminate sheet that we retrofitted to a new piece of wood. While real stone would be lovely, the weight was a big factor and this was a great alternative. Best part is it only cost us approximately 100 bucks! I’m still so in love with it.

Simple And Affordable RV Kitchen Upgrades via Lauren Jade LatelyAs is the case in most tiny homes and RV’s, counter space is extremely limited. We do our best to keep everything off the counters, but I do like to keep a few things out. There’s a bit of dead space in the corner so I have one of my favorite books, a candle and a salt cellar (similar one here) my mom gave me for christmas one year. All appliances are tucked away in cabinets and I keep a cutting board on top of the stove to add some counter space when we’re not using the stove. I also think an over-the-sink cutting board would be a great way to add extra space. Simple And Affordable RV Kitchen Upgrades via Lauren Jade Lately

Remember: Even in a RV, it’s the little details that makes a house (or trailer) a home.

Another little detail I love is the faux subway tile we installed. And by faux, I mean stick-on. YES, stick on! Once again, weight and price was the ultimate factor in nixing real tiles. So after an exhaustive night of Googling, I discovered the most perfect stick-on white subway tile sheets that have a raised surface so they as real as could be! It took us about 20 sheets to cover everything and the install around the curved window wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve ever done, but it was a heck of a lot faster than installing real subway tiles! And it’s super easy to clean!

Simple And Affordable RV Kitchen Upgrades via Lauren Jade Lately-9

Probably one of my favorite design choices we made was the sink and faucet. The standard sink was plastic, yellow and tiny. Ick. You know how there are some absolutes in life? Having a deep black granite sink is one of mine. I just needed it. I don’t regret the decision at all. And the faucet was also something that I wanted to have as more of a statement piece. Every kitchen needs a bit of bling. The faucet is my kitchen bling. It’s the Delta Trinsic from the awesome guys over at Standard Plumbing Supply.

Simple and Affordable RV Kitchen Upgrades via Lauren Jade Lately

Yea, our kitchen is not ‘normal’ or ‘functional’ by most people’s standards. But luckily we’re not ‘most’ people. It’s functional to us, meets our unique needs and that’s whats important. (another plus, our couch is only a step from the kitchen so topping up the wine is a breeze!) We have exactly what we need and nothing that we don’t. There were a few projects we didn’t get around to finishing in time such as painting the insides of the cabinets and customizing the shelving above the stove where the microwave used to be, but overall the upgrades we made completely transformed the space and made it so much more livable!

I’m absolutely smitten with my tiny little kitchen.

So I’m curious, how do you think we did?! Have you remodeled a trailer, built a tiny house?! I want to know, so be sure to leave a note and link in the comments below!