As another week quickly comes to a close, it’s good to reflect back and see what’s been accomplished. This week I began truly embracing the concept of endless possibilities in terms of my abilities. To me, that’s pretty monumental as an entrepreneur. In the past my anxiety has caused me to worry about what others think and their expectations which instantly trapped me. (Although I’ve never been good at playing by the rules) Our generation has done such a fantastic job of breaking so many rules and disrupting society’s ‘norms’…we can’t stop now! I hope you find this weekend’s reading is useful, uplifting and thought-provoking.Whatever you do Remember To Never Limit Youself

Weekend Reading Links

-I love Pinterest and as a business owner or even blogger you should too. Here is the Official Must-Read Guide to Pinterest For Business PDF to get you started.Pinterest For Business Best Practices Guide Free Download

-This is more of a listen than a read, but I just discovered Eric Trivers ADHD reWired Podcast and I am pretty sure it just made my lineup for next week and forever.

-I like to stay up on current events and be productive while online, but sometimes I just want to laugh. Like REALLY laugh…or cry…whatever. does just that. They’re all about uplifting and happy content!

-This How To Cook For Yourself Everyday and Stock Your Kitchen Like a Pro, blog post is pretty useful to get you started on your kitchen adventures and I do love his make your own salad dressing tip. I agree 100%!

-As we near closer to tax time it’s time to start getting things in order as a business owner. If you paid any contractors or freelancers this year, you have until February 2nd to get your shit together. You’ll want to read up on How (And When) To File Your 1099 Form.

-Money and relationships: Are You Cheating On Your Partner Financially?

-Speaking of limits, I think this post that first appeared on Ari Meisel’s blog, ‘Less Doing, More Living‘, is fascinating. While I think we as human’s are capable of achieving great things, our brain does max out. Where exactly do our mental limitations lie? Find Out!The Limitations Of Your Brain and what it means for your work, relationships and life

-I am still terrible at writing e-mails. Here’s 17 Tips For Writing An Excellent E-Mail Subject Line.


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