Ok so this week went MUCH better than last. Apparently Mercury was in retrograde and that was causing all the bullshit. Luckily I think my string of unfortunate events has past and I’m on the up & up. If you didn’t catch it, I made the bold move to leave my job so I could focus on my art, startup company and have more time to work on bettering myself. I’ve always been very aware of how valuable my time is. For a while I had trouble saying no to people and even myself. I spread myself so thin that I became trapped and actually immobilized by the stress of juggling so much. I understand the concept of time is money, but also that time is freedom, happiness and health. It gives us the power to alter the course of our lives. But time is not infinite; it’s fleeting and uncompromising. A lot of the links I’ve found this week have to do with time, productivity and being intentional. I’m obsessed with this quote I found from Artifact Uprising:

the best links from around the internet things week and some inspiration


-Apparently the Apple Watch is shipping out in April. Just in time for my birthday. Bye Jawbone…hello Apple Watch. I have my eye on the white leather and rose gold one.

10 Things Fit,Healthy People Do Differently Every Day. One of them is scheduling time for workouts. After being a competitive athlete for 13 years, I don’t like being forced into a gym. But I do carve out time everyday to get a workout in. I’ll mix it up between yoga, running, HIIT, jump rope, hiking, dancing.

-Feeling like 5 o’clock can’t come soon enough? Here’s 25 Quotes to Inspire Your Afternoons and Increase Productivity until it’s time to punch the clock.

-There is nothing better than amazing dog photography. I could look at these for hours.

-Last year my Instagram feed got full of style bloggers that I didn’t even really care for. This year I’m filling my feed with entrepreneurs, go-getters and smarty-pants. Here’s 40 incredible entrepreneurs you should be following on Instagram.

-The time to starting chasing your dream is NOW. I discovered Brendon Burchard this week via the Bulletproof Podcast and I’m obsessed. Here he gives us actionable advice on How To Start Chasing Your Dreams (Even If You’re Scared) 

-I’m currently reading: Simplicity: The New Competitive Advantage by Bill Jensen. Looking forward to turning the take-aways into a blog post for all of you. A great read.

I hope everyone has a relaxing, inspired and fulfilling weekend! Next week I’ll be talking tiny houses, relationships and the importance of goal-setting.