It happens to everyone right? When life gets overwhelming and ‘you just can’t even’…

What can we do about it? How do we fix it and right the ship? This has been me the last month. Ever since I got back from England I haven’t been able to come up for air. You may have noticed the lack of updates and for a minute I went a bit dark on Instagram. (Ok…for like a day but that’s a long time for me!) It’s not for lack of motivation or inspiration. There is so much to share, do, see and work on, that sometimes there is SO much to do it completely incapacitates me.

And instead I accomplish nothing. zip. nada. zilch.

Unfortunately we must accept that this is the world we now live in. We have so many streams, feeds, and channels to keep up with. Our customers, friends and even family demand content from us 24/7. You might be thinking, “oh well I’m not a blogger so this doesn’t apply to me. I don’t create content.” Sorry to break it to you, but everything you write, snap and upload to a social media channel is content…you’re just not monetizing it. When you get married and your family keeps bugging you to post the wedding album and tag them appropriately, you are in essence, a content creator. Yes, some of us do it as more of a hobby or living, but either way it can get stressful and overwhelming. At one point I was suffering from severe anxiety, it’s gotten better, but it’s something I’ll always struggle to manage. The past few years, practicing different methods of coping with stress and anxiety have helped me out of major ruts when life gets overwhelming. Here are a few things that totally help me out. Like, I swear by these:

Make a Prioritized Short To-Do List

By keeping your to-do list to just 3 items at a time will make the entire day feel more manageable. (simple living expert, Leo Babauta, swears by the 3-item todo list!) Make sure to prioritize what’s most important to you or the thing that is stressing you out the most. Get it done first and that will make the rest of the tasks that much easier.

Schedule a Time to Workout

This is always my go-to. Exercise has been proven to reduce stress and by scheduling a time for it you don’t need to feel guilty about it either. Even if it’s only 15-30 minutes and you don’t have to go bootcamp style with it. Find what type of physical activity works best for you and embrace it.

Plan a Coffee/Tea Work Date

This is especially important for entrepreneurs and people like me who work from home (or trailer in my case). I find working solo for too long makes me very unproductive. I start to find other (less important) things to do and become very uninspired. Make a conscious effort to get out and meet up with fellow friends who have common interests or goals as often as you can. I’m always so inspired and motivated after I meet up with people.

Unplug & Power Down

Ewe, I’m really awful at this one. But I try…I really do. There are so many studies that suggest not using your phone before bed will help you sleep and not feel so anxious. I completely agree, but it’s much easier said than done. One thing you can try to do is give yourself time limits or ‘tech free times’. For me, I paint and draw. I’ll often bring my sketchbook to bed and just doodle before I fall asleep. There will always be times where we have to stay up late working on a project or meeting a deadline, but as a general rule of thumb find a time of day that works best for you and find something to do that doesn’t require any technology.

Indulge in a “Chill Pill”

No, I’m not talking Xanax or Valium. I’m talking about whatever makes you happy and feel good. I have a list of things that make me totally chill out and take my mind off of stress. These are my ‘chill pills’ and when life is really just kicking me in the proverbial kahunas, I’ll take 5 and indulge. Whether it be a face mask, manicure, my favorite snack…I’ll treat myself and just enjoy the moment.

Cut Yourself Some Slack

At the end of the day, give yourself a pat on the back instead of cutting yourself down. Even if you only got those three things on your to-do list accomplished, that’s huge! Congrats! Stop beating yourself up for not being able to answer 500 emails in a day. We all put way too much pressure on ourselves. I’m 100% guilty, but I try to remember while it would be nice to be able to do it all, it’s simply not possible. Stress Busting Tips Lauren Jade Lately Austin Blogger

What are your go-to tools when life gets overwhelming? I want to know! Drop me a note below!