Embarrassing Fact, I’ve never really ‘done the dishes’. Sure, growing up we had to ‘do the dishes’ which meant cramming the racks as full as we could, dumping in some powder and pressing a button. Of course every now and then I’d scrub a pan or rinse a glass, but I’ve never lived without a dishwasher. Like ever. . .

until now.

Without Dishwasher: How I live without a dishwaser and take joy in doing the dishes | Lauren Jade Lately
For about 5 seconds we looked into having a dishwasher. I mean, I didn’t know how I would survive without dishwasher. (But seriously, between that and the washer/dryer it was a big concern.)
Between the cost, water and power usage and obvious lack of space, the verdict was in: we would live without a dishwasher (and washer/dryer).
Being a dishwashing virgin; I did some preliminary googling to see what supplies I would need to dive into the world of washing dishes by hand. (For those who may also be interested, there is a plethora of resources of hand-dishing ((THANKS GOOGLE!)) here is a very comprehensive guide to washing dishes by hand) : http://housekeeping.about.com/od/dishes/a/handwashing.htm

Without Dishwasher: How I live without a dishwaser and take joy in doing the dishes | Lauren Jade Lately

One decision we made during the remodel that makes doing the dishes a whole lot more enjoyable is our sink. I had my eyes set on this deep black granite sink for some time and it was a non-negotiable for me. It actually creeps me out how much I really do love our kitchen sink. *inserts “you know you’re getting old when….” joke here. But without it I don’t think we would have been very happy trying to clean up in the kitchen.

Here’s a Few Of The Reasons Why I Now Enjoy Doing The Dishes


It’s a Rather Humbling task

I don’t approach it as a chore. But instead switch my mindset to: how fortunate am I to HAVE dishes to do? That I’m able to afford food in addition to have the time/resources to cook my own food. I think a lot of us take for granted just how many are going to bed or waking up hungry in our own our country. 

It Saves Time

Yea, a dishwasher might be more hands off, but in terms of overall time, energy and productivity: It’s pretty inefficient. Most people still like to pre-rinse their dishes before loading them (note: I was not one of those people), then play dish Tetris to get them all to fit in the racks. Add the powder, set it to the right cycle and wait. only to have to come back an hour later and return them all to their rightful places. But not before re-rinsing/scrubbing any that still have food scrapes stuck to them. See where I’m going with this?

It’s oddly relaxing

You can’t multi-task when you’re doing the dishes. You’ve got gloves on, there’s soap everywhere and you just have to focus on making sure those dishes get squeaky clean.

Instant Gratification

There’s something quietly rewarding in getting the dishes done. If I’m feeling stressed or overwhelming, it’s a task that I know I can get done quickly and instantly feel better.

There’s Less Clutter

Sometimes we’re busy and let the dishes pile up. I’ve been trying to perfect the discipline of washing my dishes and putting them away right after I eat, but sometimes it’s just not in the cards. But since we’re in such a small space we try to rinse and clean our dishes before the end of each day. We use this silicone drying mat. It takes up almost no space and dishes normally air dry pretty fast.

A Practice of Intention

In an effort to continuously adjust my habits to to live a more meaningful and intention life, this task is definitely a step in the right direction. It requires me to slow down and just get it done. A big part of intention is discipline, even with a task as small as doing the dishes.

I want to know: How many of you guys do the dishes by hand? What are your thoughts? Love or Hate? Do you swear by your dishwasher or at your dishwasher? (They also seem to break a lot) leave me your thoughts below!